Goodbye To My Junior School



Hi. My name is Mane and I live in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. I study at <<MkhitarSebastatsi>> Educomplex, more precisely, at B4 school. I came here when I was in the 4-th grade.

Soon I will go to the middle school. To be honest, I don’t want to go to the middle school and want to go there at the same time. In the school garden everything is very dear to me. I don’t know why. Everything is so tangled. I remember the first time I used my School-Garden’s user account to publish an article. In the School-Garden I did all my first steps in everything . And now I’m leaving School-Garden and going to the Middle school. It’s not bad for me but I don’t know how it will be there.

In the School-Garden my first teacher was Mrs. Nara. Then Mrs. Gohar. I don’t know who will be my first teacher in the Middle school. Now I want to present you all my teachers in the School garden:

4-th grade

Math-Mrs. Nara

Armenian-Mrs. Nara

The surrounding world and me -Mrs. Nara

English-Mrs. Astghik

Russian- Mrs. Elina

P.E.- Mrs. Susanna

5-th grade

Math-Mrs. Anahit

Armenian-Mrs. Qristine

English-Mrs. Astghik

Russian- Mrs. Elina

Nature-Mrs. Iveta

Regional Geography- Mrs. Iveta

P.E.- Mrs. Alina and Mrs. Nara

6-th grade

Math-Mrs. Anahit

Armenian, the first semester-Mrs. Qristine

Armenian, the second semester- Mrs. Arevik

English-Mrs. Astghik

Russian-Mrs. Eleonora

Nature Studies-Mrs. Hasmik

Old world- Mrs. Gayane

The History of Armenia- Mrs. Gayane

Geography- Mrs. Iveta

P.E.- Mrs. Alina, Mrs. Nara and Mr. Andranik


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